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Step 3: Medium Effort

Okay so by now you have a Southwest Companion Pass, 140,000+ southwest points plus 135,000 Chase points - so you can fly to wherever Southwest takes you for free and stay at whatever hotel you want via the Chase portal.

Oh btw - are you starting to feel like whoa this is too many cards to keep track of? I made a handy excel file where you can keep track of your cards and when to downgrade, how many points, etc:

TravelPointsSimplified card tracker
Download XLSX • 13KB

The next move starts to depend on what you want to do.

One of my favorite next cards is the Venture card from Capital One. But first, a big note that you cannot combine the points with Chase. So if your goal is to build up more Chase points, you will want to stick to other cards - like these.

Why do I like the Venture card?

1) You get 75,000 bonus miles (here they say miles, but it is also similar to saying points, or to saying $750 - same thing)

2) You can apply for TSA pre-check which allows you to skip the normal security line at an airport - you don't have to take off your shoes or remove liquids from your bag, etc etc and then as long as you use your Venture card to pay for it, they will reimburse you for the cost ($78).

3) You can use these points in some cool ways:

A. You can "erase" a travel-related expense on your credit card bill. Example: I have

little kids so we are of course making a trip to Disneyland this year lol and I charged

the cost of the trip on my Venture card and then you can basically pay yourself back

$750 of that money.

B. You can use it to pay for Vacasa rentals. If you are anything like my family (I have 3

young kids), it is exponentially easier to stay at an airbnb or similar rental house

compared to jamming everyone into a hotel. While there isn't an easy way to pay for

an airbnb with credit card points, you can pay for a Vacasa rental with Capital One

points. And it is a standard fee of 15,000 points per room per night (this includes all

taxes and fees). And this is the case whether it is a house in Nebraska or in Maui or

Costa Rica.

Note: If you set the search to a 1 bedroom max, you can find some 1 bedroom places

that will sleep 6 or even 8 people, so it is only 15,000 points per night and you could

stay there for 5 nights with your 75,000 points!

Sound good? Click here to apply for the Venture card!

If you are like, nah I'm not into vacasa and want to keep earning Chase points, the easiest way to do that is to open another Chase Ink card (yes you can have more than one). Or the ING business card which also is a chase card.

Some of them have pretty hefty spending needs though so make sure you will be able to meet the requirement and are okay with the annual fee (which you can downgrade or cancel after 12 months so only pay it once)

Card Name

Current Offer

Annual Fee

Chase Ink Business Unlimited - apply now

100,000 points after you spend $8000 in 3 moths


Chase Ink Business Preferred - apply now

$750 (also known as 75,000 points) after you spend $6000 in 3 months


IHG One Rewards Premier Business

140,000 points after spending $3,000 in 3 months


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