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Step 2: Chase Sapphire and Chase Ink

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The current next best credit cards to get are the Chase Sapphire Preferred (personal credit card, $95 annual fee**) and Chase Ink Business Unlimited (business credit card, no annual fee). CSP will get you 60,000 points if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months after opening the card and Ink will get you 75,000 points...BUT for this one you will need to spend $6,000 in 3 months so save this credit card application for when you know you will be making a big purchase.

**CSP does have a $95 annual fee. If you don't want to pay this fee after the first year, you can wait until the fee hits your account and then call or message Chase through their website and say you want to downgrade the card to a Chase Freedom card (which doesn't have an annual fee) or you can cancel the card. In general, you always want to keep a credit card for at least 12 months because if you are opening and closing credit cards a lot then the companies will not be happy and won't let you get their sign-up bonuses anymore.

Click here to open the Chase Sapphire Preferred card with the 60,000 sign-up bonus!

Click here to open the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card with the 75,000 sign-up bonus! (Make sure you can spend $6K in 3 months)

So what can I do with these 135,000 chase points?

Chase points are super versatile. You can use them to buy flights, hotels, etc. 135,000 points is equivalent to $1350 to spend on a vacation. (Don't forget about your 140,000 Southwest points and companion pass for flights though!)

If you are spending Low Effort -- Chase has a travel portal where you can book hotels, cruises, etc.

Important note: You can downgrade your Sapphire card after 1 year and then reapply for it after 2 years and get the bonus points AGAIN! You can also earn the Southwest companion pass again after 2 years. And do you have a significant other/partner? Well have them apply for the same cards the year after you so you can do it on rotation!!! Have fun! Happy Travels!

If you are spending Medium Effort -- Click here to go to Step 3.

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