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Step 1: Southwest Companion Pass

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

There is this awesome thing that Southwest Airlines does called the Companion Pass. If you earn enough points to get this pass, every time you fly with Southwest, a "companion" of yours can fly for FREE!! And the best part is that it doesn't "cost" any points so you can still use all of the points you earned to pay for yourself or other family members/friends that are flying too.

To earn the Southwest Companion Pass, you need to get 135,000 points (or fly on over 100 Southwest flights per yeah let's not do that). Sounds like a lot of points right? Actually it is just two credit card sign-up bonuses! Just follow these easy steps:

1: If you don't have one already, sign up for a Southwest Rapid Rewards account. This is where all of your points will be and you need to input your rapid rewards account number when you apply for the credit cards.

2: Click here to get a Southwest Performance Business Credit Card (NOT Premier Business), spend $5000 in the first 3 months of opening this card and get 80,000 points.

[Note 1: $99 annual fee]

[Note 2: Don't think you have a business? Click here]

[Note 3: DON'T get the Premier Business card. It technically has more points but you have to spend so much money and it will take 9 months which is way too long to wait for the companion pass]

[Note 4: Applying for credit cards through these links will give me a few credit card points of my own. It is totally not necessary and you can go directly to the Chase website yourself and apply but I would appreciate you clicking the links since I am trying to provide this website free of charge to everyone, thank you!!]

3: Click here to get a Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Personal Credit Card, spend $1000 in the first 3 months of opening this card and get 60,000 points.

[Note: $69 annual fee]

You now have 140,000 points to spend on flights to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica Jamaica, name it. Plus a companion flies free with you!!!

Oh -- and if you are thinking...umm Val, one problem -- I don't own a business.

Important reminder:

As soon as you get your new credit cards in the mail, don't forget to connect them with your bank account and put them on auto-pay so you don't get charged any late fees

Click here to learn about how to set up and use your Southwest companion pass.

After you have completed this step and received your companion pass, click here to go to Step 2

So yeah....I don't own a business

I have 2 questions for you:

1) Are you sure about that?

2) Have you heard of the "Power of Yet"?

Do you have any side hustles that make some money or have the potential to make money? Maybe you sell stuff on Facebook sometimes or do some coaching or consulting or tutoring or use eBay or Etsy? Drive for Uber? Babysit? Walk dogs or write a blog? Even if it makes zero or very little money right now, that is fine because businesses need to start from the ground up so the credit card companies don't expect you to be raking in thousands of dollars when you are trying to start a business.

The credit card companies will let you apply for a business credit card with just your regular name and your social security number as a Sole Proprietor. You don't need an LLC or a fancy business name or tax ID # or anything like that (in fact, please don't make one up if you don't have one!!). You will not run into problems with the IRS or anything as long as you don't make anything up. Just use your real name and SSN - see below.

When you fill out the app, they will ask you for the following info:

​Business Name

Put your legal name

Tax ID #

Put your SSN

Business Address

Put your regular address

Amount of time in business

Put how long you have been doing this


Put the approx. revenue that you are expecting per year. It's okay if it isn't happening yet, it is just what you expect

Type of Business

Put Sole Proprietor

Role in Business

Put Owner

Business Industry

There is a drop-down menu so put the closest thing here

Click here to go back to the Southwest Companion Pass

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